Little human linens - Soft foliage bassinet sheet

Little human linens - Soft foliage bassinet sheet

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   • Made from super soft organic cotton

  • Printed with eco-friendly dyes

  • Free from crackling, crunching and other absurd noises

  • Breathable waterproof membrane

  • Free from BPA's and other nasties

  • Hygenic barrier protection - perfect for daycare!

  • Easy care, wash with your regular laundry cycle 

  • 81 x 41 x 10cm (32 x 16 x 4")

  • Rectangular in shape

  • The smallest sheet in our range

  • Recommended use on thin mattresses up to 5cm thick ie bassinets, moses baskets, hospital bassinets, pram bassinets

  • There is no agreed 'standard size' for bassinets - hence the wide variation between brands

  • For best fit, tuck any excess firmly under mattress to ensure a smooth flat sleep surface

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